Upgrading Your Discovery 3 Look With the Discovery 4 Grill

If you are one of the unfortunate Land Rover Discovery 3 owners that purchased their vehicles within the last year before the Discovery 4 was released, then you have probably experienced the bitter taste in the back of your mouth when you saw how similar the two models are, and it seems that the closer you purchased it to the new release the worse the taste gets.

Fortunately, it is possible to fix all that and prevent all the frustration by making a few cosmetic changes with a Discovery kit. The kits that you get these days are all designed to upgrade the way your vehicle looks and in some instances they are also meant to improve some of the performance specifications of the vehicle as well.

The really good news is that you can get access to all of these accessories via the regular supply channels as well as from after-market sales channels that manufacture parts and accessories specifically Land Rover even though they are not a part of the company itself. Generic parts are a cost effective way to replace, repair and upgrade your vehicle when you have a tight budget to work with.

A Discovery Kit is the Order of the Day

Prior to 2004 you could only get your hands on the old Series II models that were boxy and rugged, but they were probably one of the sturdiest and most reliable off-road vehicles you could find. When they released the Discovery 3, it was big change because they had incorporated a sleek, suburban design that spurned popularity amongst young urban professionals, housewives and businessmen alike.

If you had to ask the owners how they feel about their cars, the majority of them would tell you that they love their Landy’s and that they would never part with their Land Rover even if you paid them. That explains the extent of their feelings, and it certainly explains why the bitter taste when they released the newer version.

When you have to compare the two models side-by-side you notice that the overall appearance is virtually identical apart from a few minor cosmetic changes to front grill, the lights and one or two of the trimmings both inside and outside of the vehicle. All the other changes have been made to the engine and on-board electronics which you won’t see at face value and can only be experienced while you are driving.

Once you realise and accept that as a given, you won’t feel so done-in by the newer model and you can go back to enjoying your discovery 3. If you still feel the need to keep up with the changes, you can look for a kit that does the trick nicely, and you can carry on driving your car unabated by the newer model and no one else would be the wiser.

Upgrading Your Discovery 3 Look with the Discovery 4 Grill

The biggest difference between the two models is the front grill, and by simply replacing yours with the new one you would have won half the battle. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always stop there because there is so much more you can do to your car than simply keeping up with the Jones’. Why stop with a grill, when you can change your vents, upgrade your lights, add chrome finishes and install side-steps and satellite navigation?

You can find accessories that function as part of the vehicle, or you can simply upgrade the way it looks. The choices are virtually endless – provided you have the budget for it! It’s a great way for Landy owners to keep their vehicles a while longer without feeling the pressure of buying a new car or worrying that their “previous model” is out of date.

Functional Accessories for Your Land Rover

Keeping your car up to date is one thing, but what about all the people that actually take their vehicles off-road? Surely cosmetic appearances are the least of their worries? If you are the type to get outdoors and into the wild with your car, then looking good is not going to help no matter how close you are to the newer model.

If that’s the case, you will probably spend your time looking at suspension coils, winches and all-terrain tyres. No matter what you plan to do with your Discovery, there is bound to be a useful upgrade out there waiting for you.