How a Body Kit Affects Car Performance

Body kits are specialized sets of car parts that are usually used for modifying the exterior of cars. Majority of them include front and rear bumpers (fenders), side skirts, spoilers, as well as front and rear side guards. There are also other kits that are known as performance body kits and some kits are used to enhance both the exterior appearance of a vehicle and its performance.

There are many ways that a body kit can affect the performance of a vehicle. A ground skirt kit, for instance, has the capacity of enhancing the aerodynamics of a vehicle and decrease the lift beneath it which will assist in reducing the chance of losing control of the vehicle when driving at a high speed.

Race car designers, inventors as well as mechanics performed numerous tests and experiments with the design, shape and closeness to the ground of automobiles by using body kits. This will ensure that the performance of the automobile is enhanced through ground effects and other aerodynamics options.

There are lots of body kit products in the market for enhancing the performance of a car. A spoiler can be added to reduce wind resistance and sprint time. In addition, performance body parts like headers, cold air intakes, cam gears, turbo charger kits and so on can increase the horsepower performance of a vehicle.

If you are deciding on a performance body kit, it is important to check with your car’s manufacturer because selecting a kit that is approved by the manufacturer can reduce the chances of voiding the warranty of your car. A manufacturer-approved kit will also be the match for your vehicle in order to boost its performance.

Usually, body kits are made of fiberglass, polyurethane or carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is a lightweight material that is admired by car fanatics but it is not as popular as polyurethane. Polyurethane kits are popular among car owners because they do not crack in cold weather. They are very long-lasting which makes them to be held in high esteem by teeming car fans.

However, it is very essential to involve a skilled technician in the installation of the parts of a body kit. This is necessary to ensure proper installation that will meet best standard. A poorly installed performance parts can lessen the performance of a car instead of boosting it which is the aim of purchasing them in the first place.