How to Maintain ATV Boots and CV Joints

ATV boots and CV joints are some of the most vulnerable parts of your vehicle. Dirt and moisture can cause these joints to malfunction and fail. Though you can repair the CV joint and ATV boot however doing it yourself can be a tad bit expensive. Instead of wasting money on repairing it is better to maintain the parts with a little bit of effort. Here are some tricks and tips to maintain ATV Boots and CV joints:

1. Regularly Check the ATV Boot part

Keeping a regular check on your car parts can prevent debris from being accumulated over time. The more frequently you check the boot and CV joints, the easier it would be to prevent debris accumulation. Regular checkups can also help you detect early problems with the parts and fix them before any serious damage occurs.

2. Clean It Often

It is often recommended to clean ATV after every use, however, if that is not feasible; you should try to clean it once or twice every month. Though vehicles are meant to tread on the rough and dirty, it becomes a problem when there is a lot of mud or debris collected. If you don’t clean it then harmful corrosion will gather on it and cause problems later.

3. Prevent Wear and Tear

ATV boot and CV joint often have to face wear and tear problems. Preventing early wear and tear will help you save up on expensive repairs. Also don’t neglect any sign of friction as it can lead to dangerous malfunctions that might result in accidents. Therefore, immediately check the parts if you feel there is any sign of friction.

4. Buy Maintenance Kits

You can buy maintenance self maintenance kits, boot kits and other do-it-yourself kits to ensure that your vehicle is well maintained. If doing it yourself is a hard chore then you can always take the vehicle to a mechanic but learning to maintain your own vehicle is an easier alternative.

5. Avoid Using it Roughly

Just because your vehicle can travel rough terrains doesn’t mean that you expose it to harsh driving. Drive with care as using your vehicle roughly makes it easier for the parts to wear out. Joints can become loose and that alone can create friction while causing severe damage to the vehicle.

You can get the best from your vehicle if you know how to take care of it and by making sure that it is not neglected. Don’t just clean your vehicle from the outside but make sure that its internal parts are also kept free from dirt and debris.

How to Maintain, Diagnose, and Replace Car Batteries

Batteries are designed with a specific life-span and their performance will decline after this time, requiring they be refurbished or replaced. Car batteries appear to be taking the brunt of the demands from all the impressive advances made in the car industry. Many auto accessories, aftermarket car parts, and high tech car stereos use large amounts of electricity which strains the battery.

There are steps you can take to extend the life of your battery so that it will not need to be replaced as frequently. Wash the terminals often to ensure they don’t corrode and cause problems with the electrical current. Try using pressurized water, like a hose, and a wire brush for the best results. Also, you may want to purchase a can of foam battery cleaner at your local parts store to help loosen any stuck on dirt.

Often there will be signs that the battery is beginning to wear out. Maybe the car doesn’t start right away as it once used to, or it needs a jump when sitting idle for just a few days. When you start noticing such signs, check first to make sure the cables are still secure and have not come loose from the battery. The needless shaking in car batteries may cause cells to deteriorate, which has the effect of diminishing the operating life of your battery.

If your battery is truly dead and can’t be revived, you will need to go to an auto parts store for a replacement battery. If you don’t know the battery type your car requires, there are several ways to find out. All batteries should have a “group size” number on printed on them to help with replacement. But if not, your auto parts store will have a manual where you can look up the correct battery type for your car by vehicle make and model.

If you need assistance with the installation of the battery, do not hesitate to ask an employee for help. The people that work in these stores are experts in car repairs and will be happy to assist you. However, some auto parts stores charge a fee for this service, so be sure to ask prior to the installation of your new car battery.